SanPete County Utah is the location to some of the most fertile soil in the United States. It is also the home to something commonly called “rock dust”

 Rock Dust is derived from ancient volcanic ash and usually contains over 70 minerals and trace elements making it a great fertilizer. It is widely used in organic gardening and farming across the nation for its rich attributes and this is why we choose this area for our Dandelion root source.

 Plant life in the Sanpete County area is known to flourish because of these minerals. Lab Testing has shown a lot of promise and we are very confident about the development of our latest product called Valley Of Life Dandelion Root Extract. Valley Of Life Dandelion Root Extract contains a powerful 20:1 concentration at 250mg  per serving. A product designed like nothing else on the market.

 Dandelion root has been used for hundreds of years for everything from Stomach and digestion issues to bowel movements, blood toners, and appetite problems . Dandelion root is also high in antioxidants making it a good choice for common ailments such as the flu and the common cold. Antioxidants help eliminate cell destruction by neutralizing free radicals.

 The use of dandelion Root as a medicine can be traced backed to Arabian Physicians, around the time of 1000 A.D. to 1100 A.D., referring to it as a wild End-drive. In the thirteenth Century reference of use shows up in welsh Medicine.

 Native Americans were also aware of the potent medicinal use for the roots. They boiled the roots and consumed them as a tea for various conditions such as kidney disease, upset stomach, swelling or other types of inflammation,heartburn, and problems with the liver and skin.

 In Traditional Chinese medicine dandelion was used with similar health issues along with fevers, diabetes, diarrhea. Problems with breasts, eyes and appendicitis were also on the list.

 Today dandelion root is being studied and used for more serious conditions such as cancer. At the University of Windsor, lab results have succefully shown that Dandelion root extract had the ability to kill off cancer cells while healthy cells were not harmed.

By Betty Danwick

Published September 7, 2016

Dandelion Root Benefits

High in vitamins and minerals

High source of:

• Vitamins A, C, E, k

• Vitamin B-6

• Riboflavin

• Iron and calcium

• Folic acid

• Pyridoxine

• Niacin

• High source of antioxidants

Good source of:

• Potassium

• Manganese

• magnesium

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